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What To Do For A Hen Night In Ireland?

If you’ve started planning your hen night, or your maid of honour is planning it for you, then you’ve probably already started thinking about where to go and what to do for it.

There are loads of great places around Ireland to book for your hen night. You can go on a whiskey tour, enjoy a pub crawl or even play some mini-golf.

But if you’re looking for something a bit different for your hen party then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. 

Check out these 3 unique hen party spots in Ireland where you can rest assured that your entire group will have an absolute ball. 



1. Enjoy a fun night cruising on the River Shannon

If you’re looking for the perfect evening of fun for your hen night then a cruise on Moon River or River Run is the perfect option.  

Moon River, in Carrick on Shannon, and River Run, in Athlone, are both luxury river cruisers and they regularly take bookings for hen nights. With an onboard bar, food and live music you and your friends can have the night of your life.

Both cruises are available all year round too thanks to their fully-enclosed design so no matter when you’re having your hen night you’ll be able to party away on the River Shannon in a fully heated luxury cruiser. 

Book your hen night cruise with Moon River in Carrick on Shannon or River Run in Athlone today!

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2. Go for a surf in Tramore

Tramore Surf School is based on the beach in Tramore, County Waterford in the sunny south-east of Ireland. We’re the perfect choice for a hen party as we offer a fun, friendly and safe environment to experience surfing for the first time. Our team of instructors will help you and your party to learn to ride the waves and have a great time on your hen night.


No matter what your age or experience level with our team you’ll be catching waves in no time at all. We even offer surfing packages for hen nights where you and your friends can learn to surf from our team of professional instructors.

Our surfing instructors are friendly and are happy to adapt to suit the needs of your group and your experience levels.

Book Tramore Surf School for your hen party today! 


3. Check out some glamping spots


Glamping is one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors without the need for pitching tents and rolling out sleeping bags. 

Glamping in Ireland has definitely started to get more popular over the years and for good reason. It’s fun, it’s affordable and it’s perfect for hen nights. 

There are loads of different sites that you can book across Ireland for your hen night including a range of pods, teepees, bell tents and even cabins! There’s also a load of activities to do at glamping sites like horse riding, kayaking and bike rides. 

Here are a few glamping sites that you can check out: 


If you’re looking for a more adventurous hen night then consider booking a weekend at a glamping site where you and all your friends can enjoy an adventure together. 

We hope this has given you some ideas for your hen party!

If you’re interested in booking a hen party with Tramore Surf School then get in contact with our team of instructors today!

We’d love to help make your special day even better!

Places to Surf in Waterford


*All of these spots are listed in the stormrider guide and on magicseaweed and are therefor accepted as not being considered secret! All care has been taken not to mention any of the surf spots which cant be found in these places.

Tramore Main Beach

* Suitable for beginners to intermediate surfers

The centre of surfing in South East of Ireland and where we are based! With its 5km stretch of beach. Average beachbreak peaks that occasionally turn on with the elusive NE offshore Wind.

On bigger swell usually better on high tide and smaller swell better on low tide!
Surf Shops, Surf Schools and Ding Repair services all available in the town.

Tramore Incredible Wave

Suitable for intermediate & advanced surfers

Another rare south coast treat, the Incredible Wave breaks off the headland at the eastern end of Tramore strand. Needs a big midwinter swell. Can be hollow. Park considerately in Fitzgerald Lane near Brownstone. Water quality as above.

Tramore Incredible Wave forcast on Magicseaweed



Suitable for intermediate & advanced surfers

Open, south-facing beachbreak that can get hollow and have more power than Tramore. There's a rivermouth that helps create strong rips. Works all tides if big enough but mid generally best with reforms and shorey action.Limited parking at west end slipway. Sometimes crowded.

Annestown & The Perfect Wave

Suitable for advanced surfers

One of the south coast's finest reefbreaks. A short, sucky and hollow left that rarely gets the NE wind it needs to be offshore and large SW swell. Watch out for the rocks as access is through a small gap in them. Same car park as Annestown.

How to Surf

Surfboard to use for learning to surf

The first thing you are going to need when learning to Surf is a surfboard. As a guide if you are under 12 stone we recommend that you use an 8ft mini mal to start with and if you are over 12 stone look at learning on a 9ft longboard or bigger. We also recommend that you use a soft top surfboard for your first few times surfing and getting at least one lesson from a surf school.

What sort of wetsuit to buy

If you live in a cold climate just like we do here in Ireland then you will also need a wetsuit. In Ireland we use a 3mm wetsuit in the summer months (June, July, August) and a 5mm wetsuit for winter. Some people who want to be extra warm will use a 6mm wetsuit in winter. Depending on the water temperature you may also need boots, gloves and a hood. We also recommend using boots if the beach your learning on has lots of stones.

Putting on Your Leash

You must attach your leash (Sometimes called leg rope) to your leg, just above your ankle. In this photo you can see a leash that is on a surfer's leg correctly. Also note that the leash must go on your back foot (your back foot is the foot that is behind you when you pop up, if you don't know what a pop up is don't worry as we will explain it further on.

The pop up

Once you have all your equipment ready and your leg rope on you may want to practice the pop up technique which is used to get you to your feet from the lying down position on the surfboard. The first thing you need to do is lay down on the board with you feet together at the back of the board, then in a very fast motion go from the lying down position to the standing position. This movement is done by pushing your chest up in the air using your hands and jumping to your feet. You should then be standing with you feet spread apart in a crouched position. In the next photo you can see the person correctly lying down and the other person correctly standing.

Do keep in mind that when you actually do this in the water then the nose of the board should not be lifted up out of the water nor under the water, the board should be lying flat on top of the water.

Once you have perfected the technique of the popup we recommend you jump in the water to practice it out, the next thing to do is to read this article on Catching a Wave.


Surfer's Ear: Exostosis

 Definition: What is “Surfer’s Ear?”

Although this surfing ailment is commonly referred to as Surfer's Ear, the medical term is actually Exostosis (which really means abnormal bone growth) within the ear canal. Similar to Pterygia, Surfer's Ear is your body's reactions and protective mechanisms in response to the ocean's extreme conditions. Extended exposure to cold wind and cold water can result in abnormal bone growth that narrows the ear canal with the possibility of complete blockage. This condition is called “Surfer’s Ear” due to its prevalence among cold water surfers in cooler climates, however Exostosis is not surfing specific. Divers and kayakers are also vulnerable to Exostosis.

 Symptoms of “Surfer’s Ear”

If the abnormal bone growth blocks most of the ear canal, symptoms may include infections causing earaches and eventually hearing loss.

Treatment of “Surfer’s Ear”

Surgical removal of Exostosis is often successful, and there are a series of options in surgical techniques. Some are more invasive than others. Earplugs and neoprene hoods can help keep the cold water from reaching the eardrum, and thus prevent the growth of the Exostosis. For more information and a video of the surgery, check out the Shoet Ear Associates website.

We are currently selling Doc's Pro Plugs in the shop. They are a good prevention for Surfers Ear, cost €20.00 and can be used again and again. They're vented in design, allowing you to keep an ear out for waves and everything else that's going on around you.

We also offer standard ear plugs for €4.00.

More Information: